And this would be test post #2.

Is the “featured image” (it’s Barb/Frayn and folks at Performance Wks) featured for this post? Or for the whole danged site? Experimentation, my friends. Experimentation!


I see no way to — oh wait, there it is. Circle-plus. Here is a gallery:

Once Upon a Time There Lived

Three tiny witches in oversized underpants. No one knew how they’d got to the forest. They’d lived there so long that the underpants had worn off their scraggly bottoms not once, not twice, but over four hundred and seventy-eight times. It was then that the youngest witch, Perfidia, yelped to her sisters,

“We must weave better fabrics for lo, these underpants have wafted away, yet again!”

And lo, there were in the same country shepherds, keeping watch over their flocks by night.

“Oooh,” quoth Shepherd No. 1. “Underpants!”